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Website of the week

From February 2021, the website of the month is now weekly, and this week is a little bit different in that it’s a portal to the very random and very digital world.

Click the button, arrive at a random site. And because on the internet, nobody knows you a dog, I’m adding this caveat that the random web is random, very, so your click could lead anywhere.

Source: Wikipedia
On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog
[Link: Wikipedia (c) acknowledged Peter Steiner]
Or to put it another way, a seminal reminder (for those who remember this):

And the winner is:

#Typed Notes Website of the month https://www.random-website.com
#Typed Notes Website of the month https://www.random-website.com

Rod Geoghegan
#typed note
19 February 2021


Navigating the emerging landscape

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Rod Geoghegan plans and delivers growth in the marketing, advertising, digital, tech start-up and corporate space, through business planning, marketing and business development

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