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Prospecting using cold emails

If the new business food chain is composed of cold email, no response, follow-up email, no response, failed cold call then what are some tactics that can interrupt this?

Some initial considerations:

Who can we find through research that is likely be best candidate for a decision maker?

Whomever, they will be receiving up to 100 cold email per day so they won’t be likely respond

We can’t track if they read the email

The follow-up is then another email or a cold call

Considerations for getting the initial email right

Think beyond the subject line and into the first lines of the email: recipients can read these before opening the email

Use concise, well written copy – not long sentences and think old school benefits over features.

Avoid “I” as the opening word

Talk organisations your recipient may not be the correct first point of contact.

Talk to the recipient – be hyper-focused on what you can do/deliver for them.

Is a cold email the right route for a key new contact?

Drive up your success rates

Do your research and then do more research – bring together the right contact with the right, bespoke, message.

Explain that you are researching the company to ascertain the correct person to contact – explain that you have also contacted others within the organisation to do this.

Ask if you can talk with them – provide specific times/dates – avoid open-ended requests.

Test the approach (but don’t test with your key future new business contacts). We communicate most by email, less by phone, less by video conferences and even less by face-to-face meetings. Consider different options and approaches.

Aim to keep the lines of communication open – use events in their business calendar, industry/sector or yours to add more content into he conversation, using this as a prompt for talking

New Business

For agencies, new business is about being agile, testing, adapting and learning – but always progressing


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