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The new kid on the block in terms of apps for Twitter is Twylah. The platform aggregates a users Tweets by hashtag, using what are called ‘showcase pages’ populated with trending topics and rich media content. What this can begin to do is to provide some control in terms of assembling a cohesive and interpretable view of what user talks about and with whom.

Arguably, this is the Twitter equivalent of Facebook Timeline. However, in achieving a semblance of cohesion to what a user talks about, Twylah removes the randomness and organises subjects (or hides them, as required) – so this is not curation but  providing order. Eric Kim, Founder talks about the new platform saying:

” I … kept asking myself why people cared about the kind of coffee I was having at Starbucks or which badge I just unlocked. Some tweets I thought were great and others I could care less about. I knew if I had these questions and problems with it, most other people probably did, as well.

As the platform is essentially a blog (with the option for custom domains), the next development phase for Twylah should be customisation of the page – over and above the Twitter profile data. ::


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