#business development, does agency size matter?

There one polarising - regular - topic amongst Clients, Agencies and the Marketing Press and that is agency size.

Small agencies vs big agencies.

Networks vs independents.

Which is best? Best creativity, best account management, best awards (now, seemingly, relegated to the good old days) and which for future-proof performance, stability and longevity?

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#business development, procurement, a new age of austerity?

I have written before on the importance of marketing agencies engaging with brand procurement teams.

Promotional Marketing (November 2010) has written this month about how agencies are being tested in these current times.

It writes of the knock on effect of the current spending cuts at governmental level – and that anecdotal evidence suggests there is already a huge impact on the market research sector with some agencies already having closed their social research units.

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#business development, achieving buy in from procurement

procurement for agencies

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The word “procurement” may strike fear into the hearts of agencies, but Rod Geoghegan shows how, with understanding and an inclusive approach, you can make procurement work for
Procurement departments have had a bad press, it has to be said. Regarded by many as evil bean counters whose only talent is to buy goods and services by the metre at the cheapest price, the very mention of them tends to send agency folk diving for their calculators and a stiff drink.


But agencies brave enough to embrace the commercial reality of procurement departments – which are here to stay – will actually find they are staffed by reasonable people (yes people!) who can be a real help to you.

Article by Rod Geoghegan

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