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Why I’ve left Klout

I’ve deleted the data on my @Metropolis Twitter account from Klout and this not in direct response to the new Klout algorithm.

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To me, Twitter is (and has always been) one of the ways I can talk and listen to different communities – peers, social media experts, advertising gurus, the marketing media and media in general, some brands and an assortment of others that have caught my interest.

This is all since I opened the feed in July 2007. What it is not about is a score that is based on a requirement to be Tweeting on a daily basis – along with the requirement to interact also on other Social Media networks that all then are analysed by the Klout algorithm.  I took a break over the Summer in July for a couple of weeks and my Klout score decreased from 54 to 51; it took weeks for this to be built up again. Stop tweeting – and the score decreases – so it is really a little like spinning plates. My question is – do my peers think less of me because I fell silent for a summer break?

I guess not.

Update 19.11.11

Pam Moore has written an extensive blog post on why she also has deleted her Klout profile which is also on this theme.

Link expired – working on it.


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