#brand planning, ISBA/Havas Integration and the evolution of brand strategies

ISBA/Havas Integration and the evolution of brand strategies – As brands get social, they must listen more than talk

Gideon Spanier of the Evening Standard talks today about how brands are getting to using social media to research as well as communicate with consumers. Some of the published key findings also note.

  • 50% of brands invested in a dedicated in-house social media resource, such as community managers or executives.
  • 96% of brands require the use of an agency, with the most popular needs being design and build (66%), strategy (64%) and wider creative executions (52%).
  • 100% of respondents were involved in social media in some way – reflecting growth in social marketing
  • Two thirds (66%) of brands have a social media strategy
  • Half of brands (48%) have a social media steering group

In addition, the study revealed five main considerations for brands over the next 12 months, ranging from business challenges to how the client/agency relationship should evolve:

  1. 1. Evolving strategies and becoming a ‘social’ brand
  2. 2. Business integration: taking social out of the silo
  3. 3. The need for creativity and building brands
  4. 4. Social media becoming more about the ‘media’
  5. 5. Brands versus agencies – in-house investment and the role of the agency

The question is for agencies – can they demonstrate their understanding of social media to clients by illustrating what they do for their own (agency) brand?

Update: The Evening Standard article link has expired.


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