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Managing the inbound process

An article  describes how an attempt to talk to three agencies, in preparation for a possible brief, failed to get a response.

Simple new business checks when a new client emails for new 
The LinkedIn Pulse article asks when about the process as to when potential new business clients emails (and the good) advice is to:

1.  Test your website contact form regularly
2.  Have a formalised process for new business enquiries, regardless of origin
3.  Respond quickly, as it proves you are reactive – then you can begin to prove you are proactive
4.  Be very mindful of speed and content is another – read what’s been asked, get the most appropriate person to respond so the response is meaningful, helpful and positive.
5.  Use initiative and confirm next steps, send a calendar invite for the next action and connect on LinkedIn.

Adding to this is that the above is one element of the process in place for agencies – make sure that the process itself is streamlined and set standards. Have a response within the hour – be it a holding one to acknowledge the message.

~source :: LinkedIn Pulse 

The question here is what exacting process have you in place for inbound inquiries?


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