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Luminar 4, photo-editing using AI, but does it do what is says?

I’m giving Luminar 4 a road test, so I’ll be revisiting here to provide updates on how I get on over the next three months.

luminar 4 review and test
Luminar4 by Skylum Software has recently launched, to some fanfare – well in certain quarters – and I’m taking it out for a spin so over the coming months, to see how it performs..


Luminar 4 costs

This page shows a Limited Time Offer, with no terms and conditions of the promotion, a requirement as required by the @ASA.


There are two versions I see, Lumina 4 (which I am road testing) and Luminar AI.

The differences are summed up here, real well, by


Steve Disenhof does add a comment to his video on how Skylum releases and charges for new software at the expense of supporting previous versions, which is worth considering before purchasing.

Luminar AI, shopping cart issues

Firstly, the Skylum shopping cart code utilises the Limited Time Offer cart update for retail ecommerce cart abandonment (see figures), an issue the @ASA has addressed has is addressing regarding the legality and ethics. I consider this approach to retail to be disingenuous and should be removed.

The licence or for one or two seats – and again a lack of understanding by Skylum. The licence is for “You can use LuminarAI on more than one device, such as a work laptop and a home desktop. In such case, pick “2 seats”, and your license key will be valid for use on 2 devices”, so not seats but one user, two devices. Seats are for users.

Luminar 4 upsell

31 January 2012 Installation

A breeze as they say, downloaded, installed and activated seamlessly.

First impressions

Initially a little confused as the UI seemed different to some of the many training videos I watched, maybe these are for Luminar AI or an older interface, unsure.

I'll now be testing out how Luminar 4 enhances some of the photos I've taken both recently and over the years. There is, however, a major feature being pushed - how skies can be transformed in pctures, great though my indoor pictures don't have skies. So I'll see how I get on and report back.

9 February 2012 update
My road-test is three months, think the disconnect here will see me receive an inordinate amount to spam, hope not.
11 February 2021 Valentines More Expensive Offer
GBP£5.00 off, no free templates though, so more expensive then.

Luminar AI discount more expensive


To be continued …


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