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Exercise your voice before you pitch

A while ago, well at the end of 2011, I wrote a #typed note about an app I found to help you prepare for pitching by ensuring your voice intonation (pitch) and speed (be it slow or fast) so these could be monitored as part of your own voice training.  The app, from Vocalytics co-founder Benoit Curdy, is now defunct.

Speech-language pathologist and University of Pittsburgh professor Jackie Gartner-Schmidt now explains that ensuring your voice isn’t thin and shaky voice is key as you come to present and to avoid this, suggests doing this easy exercise (which she calls one of her favourites).

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Trend Watching ::

Steve Rubel of Edelman Digital has nominated five digital trends for 2009.

They are:

Satisfaction Guaranteed :: Customer care and PR are blending as consumers use social media to demand service

Media Reforestation :: The media is in a constant state of reinvention as it transitions from atoms to bits

Less is the New More :: Overload takes its toll. Gorging on media is out. Selective ignorance and friends as filters are in

Corporate All-Stars :: Workers flock to social media to build their personal brands, yet offer employers an effective and credible way to market in the downturn

The Power of Pull :: Where push once ruled, it’s now equally important to create digital content that people discover through search

The article and research paper is published on his blog.

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PR for marketing services agencies using the super fresh web

How do marketing services agencies create relevant, substantive and continual agency PR to leverage the super fresh web?

What has changed and who haven’t changed? What is the best use of social media for agencies? How does social media and PR link in the super fresh web? What are the learnings that should be implemented to do things differently?

What are the results that can be expected and achieved?
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Pace Recorder app to help you monitor your voice

If you present to clients – this is an App that may help you.

Vocalytics co-founder Benoit Curdy talks here about his new start-up which is to help speakers work on their voice. The Android App, developed by the start-up, is a ‘personal voice trainer’ – allowing users to monitor their intonation (pitch) and speed (slow or fast).

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