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This paper by Todd Andrlik, at Leopardo, charts the history of PR.

Skipping through this, it then concentrates on the conception of SMPR, social media press releases. I’m a strong advocate of these, within the context of a broader communications plan and policy. SMPR require ancillary content, tags, links and information – so it must be there in place for these to be utilised.

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Dr Jakob Nielsen, the renowned Danish usability  expert, examines the iPad for usability, noting that there is a free-for-all in the development of Apps and there are few if no standards for user interaction.

Whilst Apple are fastidious when it comes to developers and how they code and develop, there are no standards for basics. And a second major point Nielsen makes is that there is no real rating of the Apps available.

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Ten years ago, these were the skills of the future

Management – Be there a new world order or not, and I’m undecided whether if it’s all just a natural progression, albeit at an exponential rate, the 10 Workplace Skills of the Future or the skills workers should strive to have and the skills employers should seek out and promote – as written up by the Institute For The Future.

Is this an antidote to the Gen X/Gen Y divide? The full #typed note is here