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Real women, Digital world. The untold story of women and the web

Yahoo, TNS and Starcom Mediavest Group have undertaken a research project, asking women about their web usage.

The results highlight – interesting or not – that  that 96 percent of women say that they frequently feel positive emotions while online. So should brands be marketing to elicit positive emotional reactions, to maximise female opportunities?

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Reassuringly expensive, reassuringly close

On Augmented reality, for when you feel that reassuringly expensive feeling, Stella are due to launch an iPhone app, Le bar Guide, combining augmented realty and overlaying Google maps with local watering holes.

The are combining this with UGC (rate the establishment and share this amongst your friends) along with the potential for advertising revenue (local taxi firm numbers).

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#business development, company mission statements

Company mission statements

Creating a vision, mission and value statement for any corporate – or agency – underpins where the organisation  is heading and why, for the benefit of employees, shareholders and clients. Or it should do. For many corporates and agencies, this thinking is still to be done, is fluid, has been done but is not outdated – or in the eyes of the board, is just not something that is seen as required.

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#business development, PR for marketing services agencies using the super fresh web

PR for marketing services agencies using the super fresh web

How do marketing services agencies create relevant, substantive and continual agency PR to leverage the super fresh web?

What has changed and who haven’t changed? What is the best use of social media for agencies? How does social media and PR link in the super fresh web? What are the learnings that should be implemented to do things differently?

What are the results that can be expected and achieved?
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