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Menshn, a new microblogging platform, on topic, and only on topic

Well, I’ve set up my Menshn account and profile. The new microblogging site – started by Louise Mensch and Luke Bozier launched last week and is currently accessible to US users only – so after a little bit of sidestepping the filter, I managed to get in and register. With Twitter having attracted over half a billion registrants and of these, they claim 205 million active users, the new platform has been created to contain – ringfence – the conversation rather than engender wide debate. The featured topics are shown prominently – the US election, UK politics, Euro 2012, Tech and – eh – women.

No men then.

The launch has received negative on-line reaction – Bobby Johnson has questioned the whole approach and idea. From what I can see, there are just under 100 members – maybe there are more but they don’t show – and this is out of the 311,500,000 US residents. So there is a long way to go.


The Independent is reporting today that the site is to open up to the UK today – which in itself puzzled me: launching a UK siet into the US from the UK and then opening it to the host country. I’m sure there is a well thought out strategy here – I’d be interested in knowing. I can see the benefit of managing the conversation and thereby adding value.

However, keeping the user-base on-message / on-topic across a limited number of threads seems to  be at the cost of strict terms and conditions of use – you’ll be throw out without further ado if you break the rules.

Not very social media to me, maybe it’s just the brutality of the UK political system that has shaped the start-up’s thinking.


Rod Geoghegan
#typed notes.
24 June 2012


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