#esoteric, shocking importance of checking your content

A shocking example of the importance of checking your content

Twitter is home to a vast number of accounts that are set up anonymously, with the intent to build a large, loyal following to then sell on the account. I’ve may have been just been followed by one of these such accounts – positioned as being by a Social media expert.

And one that only wants to be followed by others directly in this area – so trying to gain maximum Klout/Kred/PeerIndex scoring. The full #typed note is here . . .

#esoteric, Twylah and Twitter

Social Media

The new kid on the block in terms of apps for Twitter is Twylah. The platform aggregates a users Tweets by hashtag, using what are called ‘showcase pages’ populated with trending topics and rich media content. What this can begin to do is to provide some control in terms of assembling a cohesive and interpretable view of what user talks about and with whom.

The full #typed note is here . . .

#technology, Blackberry Playbook review

Blackberry Playbook Review

I’ve returned my Blackberry Playbook I had on loan.

And now I have until June 16th – when they launch here in the UK – to decide to buy one or not.

Having just purchased an iPad2, I’ve been able to compare both, side by side. Rather than just adding another review here, I’m going to make some suggestions. It is unlikely anyone will buy this who is not a Blackberry user – and this is a business, not consumer, device. It needs considerable work to get it to the place it should be.

The full #typed note is here . . .