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Digital 2021, Global overview

An in-depth report, looking at the worldwide digital trends. Caveat: I’ve a research background so this interests me, realising it’s one shy of 300 slides long.

The source data has been changed so take this as a snapshot, rather than a long-term view using validated data sets.

It’s all about finding a few – even one – golden nugget here that can inform and create value to your thinking.

Via: Simon Kemp, @eskimon, https://datareportal.com/

One point is the surge to 500m users of Telegram, following the invasive chagnes to the WahtsApp privacy policy.

2021 LinkedIn

Being careful with the absolutes here, as I would with this data, it is interesting to note that Microsoft, through its acquisition of LinkedIn, is underperforming in both South Korea and Japan, per the data point being analysed.

2021 LinkedIn Japan


Rod Geoghegan
28 January 2021


Navigating the emerging landscape

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