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Is your agency creative brief the problem?

to write a creative brief
An article provides guidelines for improving your creative brief. Review your current creative brief and ensure the account team, planner and creative team are in agreement to everyone. Then follow these points to deliver the insights required as the foundation of the creative process;

Thinking simple.

Keeping the language at 6th form level.

Writing in clear, declarative sentences.

Only facts/observations that are useful and actionable are to be included

Then, take the revised creative brief and:

Does the final brief say what you want it to mean?

Test it out on a brand you know well and check you can get all the key ideas in

Write a couple of bad ads directly from your brief. What would the headline say? What would be the key visual? Is that the beating heart of your story? The excellent AdAge article from Howard Margulies, ACD at Palio, NY on how to compose a new creative brief.

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