#corporate, now WPP questions Google’s dominance

On Corporate, the dominance of Google in search is under considerable scrutiny right now.

And now Martin Sorrell has waded in, representing the views of some of his own major clients whilst at the same time commenting on the business practices of one of his biggest clients – one he calls a ‘frenemy’.

And as a backdrop to this is the new Microsoft patch advising consumers of the choice available for browsers. Microsoft has been mired in anti-trust claims and counter-claims, and lawsuits for the last decade – but are we differentiating the offerings from both companies correctly?

To get to the point that you need to be offered a choice of browsers you need to have paid for your operating system. At that stage, consumers have choice in which free search engine they use – and it is the success of the Google offering that has created their dominance.  It is inertia that stops consumers moving to another search provider – in essence it is conceivable that the EU turns to Google and says ‘ we don’t like the way you are giving out your free service to consumers’.

If there was to be major new and significant traction in Microsofts Bing service offering, the search engine will improve its results. And provde a worthy alternative to the 80%+ share Google has taken.

Market dominance and oligopolies are one thing, consumer inertia and their use of a freely provided service is another.



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