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Company mission statements

Creating a vision, mission and value statement for any corporate – or agency – underpins where the organisation  is heading and why, for the benefit of employees, shareholders and clients. Or it should do. For many corporates and agencies, this thinking is still to be done, is fluid, has been done but is not outdated – or in the eyes of the board, is just not something that is seen as required.

Kerry Foods has created a vision, and for a corporate, resonates  as relevant, current and empowering.  David Taylor of BrandGym took this photo in their reception:

And I quote:

Here’s why I think this is pretty good:

1. It defines the market well, and does so not in product terms, but in terms of the opportunity: “fridge food”. This really opens the mind to innovation.

2. It has a call to action. And an ambitious one at that: “fill the country’s fridges”. A good Purpose should be an ongoing reason to exist that is hard to ever attain.

3. It is short and sweet. So you’d actually have a fair chance of remembering it

4. It has a distinctive voice and is written in everyday language: “simply brilliant food” for example.

So, a good source of inspiration if you are working on a company purpose.



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