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5am commuters snap up the 150 allocated brushes

The Colgate #brushswap campaign has hit the social media headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The offer to swap your electric toothbrush for a new Colgate ProClinical A1500 toothbrush retailing at £169.99. This caused National Rail to suspend the campaign on Health and Safety grounds – at both Waterloo London station and Victoria London Station as consumers arrived from 5am to collect one of the, now known, 150 units that were only allocated per day.

The campaign had been prepped across a range of media including Twitter:


A view of the stand at London Waterloo rail station:

[flv:http://typednotes.com/library/flv/colgate.flv 600 360] [Source] The backlash on Twitter began in earnest:




Marketing followed the story closely:


Colgate’s competitors weighed in with a spoiler ad, run overnight:

The Grocer Colatge #swapbrush campaign

Colgate then suspended the campaign and have – very impressively – turned the campaign to a randon draw overnight.


The work for Colgate now is to look to repair its’ reputation and how this is done will be very interesting to watch.


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