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Agencies should be looking at how to get the most from their client relationships. Why? Clients are already doing this.

Three McKinsey Partners Thomas Bauer, Jason Heller, Jeffrey Jacobs, and Knowledge Expert Rachael Schaffner have set out how to get the most from your agency relationship.

Whilst their view is client-centric, answering the questions will be the responsibility of the agency. Hence, agencies should be thinking about:  Do you have a clear view of the platforms you will need for future success and are you clear on the implications for marketing mix? As part of your account plans for each client, consider:

Have you and your client shared and agreed on the platforms needed and the implications within the client marketing mix/process?

As a member of the clients’ agency roster, are there gaps you can identify that will impact on overall success?

Whose metrics are being used and what is the incentivisation for achieving the individual results required?

Are all agencies operating transparently and providing the necessary client oversight?

Is this a great client that provides leadership that leads to success?

These are some basic questions that each agency should already be able to answer – for key accounts and focus development accounts.

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