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And there I was, talking about privacy (and the issues of Gmail and Facebook permanent retention of personal data) and the next thing I register on Eternos. Here, I can save my online life – this blog, websites,  Facebook (if I had a page, I don’t), Twitter (@metropolis), Picasa photos and my Gmail emails. These can all be backed-up online, viewed and shared with future generations.

What interests me about this service is that it has been created by whilst it has been created by a ‘few technical professionals’ (including Marc Mauger CEO), they have had the ‘assistance of a Genealogy expert and a Sociologist’. This is not so much an online data backup service but a continual online repository of what we create and share.

And one thing you can do with Eternos, is that in addition of backing up your online information, you can add RSS feeds – from say the BBC News site, so as to add context to the information stored. The site continuously backs-up and stores the tdata, free of charge.

The site (which holds data is encrypted and virus checked) allows Life Key Managers to be added also, so when we pass away as we will all do, they can access the account to maintain and share our online heritage to those who may be interested.

Launched in April this year, it may be the first step in capturing our online interactions and saving them for reference.  If people sign up that is – it was a first for me to be presented with three gender options during this process.

Update: A service long gone.



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