#esoteric, ADrive 50GB free cloud service review

Review of ADrive 50GB Free Cloud Service

One file upload and my account is locked for 24 hours

First Cloud platform for me was GMail Drive. I have been using cloud computing since 2006 – via GMail Drive (and having tried phpGMail Drive which I discontinued using). With each new update came log-in problems and issues but overall, stability was good (and it is still working today).

However, there is always the possibility that Google will prohibit the use of the Shell Namespace Extension though users can always access uploaded contented through the conventional login. The platform did though reveal to me that the maximum storage Google talk about is nowhere as big as they claim.

When Gmail accounts allowed 8GB storage (the last time I tested this), GMail Drive would not allow uploads after the 5GB point.

How the Cloud is now a lot simpler

Cloud storage has now become a lot simpler and Microsoft SkyDrive is my Cloud service provider of choice. I use other platforms for differing requirements – Amazon, SugarSync, Box, Wuala (and Evernote) along with the simplest of all – FTP to a shared (but secure) server. I am to try Cubby at some stage also.

This leads to an article Lifehacker has on using multiple accounts to both spread your data across different platforms (good idea), for free (good – though I’d counsel against Cloudsquatting) though requires discipline, in knowing what is stored where and who has shared access.

ADrive  – A disastrous test

What I have done, is to register an account on ADrive to test the service. What sounded really interesting was that ADrive offered 50GB space free – well it did until I used it. An ADrive USP is that you can upload up to 16GB files – so I went ahead an uploaded a 1.4GB – nowhere near the limit. The upload time was long – very long – over three hours (on a 9.oMbps upload speed) but it was successful.

Now, the next day I am faced with this notice on my ADrive account

"This [ADrive] account is currently in maintenance mode. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Your account should be returned to normal within the next 24 hours"

Support is not extended to free accounts – you are directed to the Adrive forum.

Guess what?

The forum is accessed only by logging in! So I can’t even ask a question. There is a learning here for me. Whilst free services are interesting – it it the major players whom can offer continuity and security that will win.

So I won’t be relying on ADrive – however large the  storage offering is as the service has totally failed my requirements. Certainly not when I have to wait 22 hours to access my account again. ::  


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