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57 minutes, no 57 seconds is still too long

FMCG (CPG) brand Heinz is testing the patience of its’ consumers. Or is it testing the patience of some of its’ consumers?

The promotion running today is to win bits and pieces for a summer BBQ, all from Heinz.

To enter the competition – and not to win it, as one could think the satisfying the entry mechanism itself should be guaranteed a prize – requires entrants to go to the Heinz website and …. wait 57 minutes.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinz_57 

Think the idea is clever regardless of 57 minutes or 57 seconds, though in the world of hyper-immediacy, I see it not skimping on the fries but question how it will attract all demographics for the brand … which this campaign can only fail to do.

For some, by the time they’ve burnt out their mobile screen with a red keyline, the world is a totally new place for them, 57 minutes later. As has been said, just because it’s clever, doesn’t make it insightful or effective

For others, well …

The H J Heinz press release

AdAge article

Rod Geoghegan
#typed notes.
26 February 2021


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