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We got stuck in the all-too-common trap of building a user-base and worrying about revenue later

Use Bit.ly? Of course you do. As I do (amongst others, though, including having run my own dedicated URL to track clicks).

Insights here, entitled “The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Bitly: How a Free Link Shortener Became a Real Business” from Bit.ly CEO Mark Josephson.

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Our digital world comprises IM, digital cameras, mobiles, blogging, videogames, PVRs and broadband and the penetration of these is continuing to grow despite the overall downturn of the PC, web and service based sectors of our economy. 

This pursuit of ‘digital convergence’ has been burning in the hearts and minds of both end-users and vendors for over 10 years now and mature, highly evolved products and services are starting to reach mainstream market as we speak.

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#business development, pitch perfect and the elevator pitch

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Pitch Perfect and the Elevator Pitch

I’ve never bought into the elevator pitch.

We don’t have elevators in the UK, we’ve got lifts. And we stare at our Starbucks coffee or the ground – lest we make accidental eye contact. And, most importantly, if you’ve got just a minute talk, then I’ll talk about the weather and leave matters of state be discussed in a more appropriate fashion.

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#brand planning, what is an insight?

What is an insight? Getting to the holy grail of a creative brief

Interesting presentation from Umar Ghumman on planning – and the definition of an insight. To quote “The planning, creative and broader marketing community uses insights or an insight to get to ideas that will solve their marketing or business problems. This is a brief exploration into the definition of the insight”.

Brought together are definitions from leading industry brand planners.

Well worth reading.

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#business development, do this before pitching

Exercise your voice before you pitch

A while ago, well at the end of 2011, I wrote a #typed note about an app I found to help you prepare for pitching by ensuring your voice intonation (pitch) and speed (be it slow or fast) so these could be monitored as part of your own voice training.  The app, from Vocalytics co-founder Benoit Curdy, is now defunct.

Speech-language pathologist and University of Pittsburgh professor Jackie Gartner-Schmidt now explains that ensuring your voice isn’t thin and shaky voice is key as you come to present and to avoid this, suggests doing this easy exercise (which she calls one of her favourites)..

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#net neutrality, universities can lead the digital charge

Universities can lead the digital charge

Update 10.07.17

It is over a decade since I first wrote about New Neutrality. Then, it was seen a far off Armageddon – something that really couldn’t happen.

How things can change.

Update 06.08.10

Net neutrality talks stall in US

US regulators have halted closed-door meetings intended to find a way to make sure all web data is treated equally. The Federal Communications Commission began the meetings after a court limited its net regulation powers. The FCC faced criticism over the meetings by groups that supported the principle known as net neutrality.

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