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The Ad Agency of the future is coming, are you ready?

The ad agency of the future must “[meet] clients’ needs [which] have changed. They must manage marketing across devices and serve customized ads to specific audiences based on real-time analysis of constantly changing data. That data must inform creative, CRM and media buying strategies tied to new commerce and brand experiences. At the nexus of this confusing and continually evolving mashup of business operations and marketing are clients, who need a partner”

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Best practice ::

Dr Jakob Nielsen, the renowned Danish usability  expert, examines the iPad for usability, noting that there is a free-for-all in the development of Apps and there are few if no standards for user interaction.

Whilst Apple are fastidious when it comes to developers and how they code and develop, there are no standards for basics. And a second major point Nielsen makes is that there is no real rating of the Apps available.

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Pace Recorder app to help you monitor your voice

If you present to clients – this is an App that may help you.

Vocalytics co-founder Benoit Curdy talks here about his new start-up which is to help speakers work on their voice. The Android App, developed by the start-up, is a ‘personal voice trainer’ – allowing users to monitor their intonation (pitch) and speed (slow or fast).

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