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As ever, more and more guesses as to what 2010 holds for us all.

PR-wise, Marian Salzman, of Euro RSCG PR complied a top 10 targeting pop culture, political and monetary themes.

She goes on to mention that the degree that social media … ” informs behavior on a company level as well as an employee level still largely remains to be defined … [and] as this continues …  might define … total convergence, and a further blending of business roles and responsibilities.”

  • Lines That Zig but Don’t Zag.

Hyperpolarization and the independents who will bridge the divide between political adversaries.

  • Beware the Mobmedia.

The emergence of mob mentality and virtual bullying over pressing political and pop culture issues in the social media sphere.

  • A Children’s Place and Other Prime-Time Props:

Reality TV Gone Wild. Children being exploited as television accessories and brand trailblazers.



  • Obamaclock.

President Obama’s tenure in office is ticking away as he continues to harvest mass scrutiny at the hands of the recession’s grip.

  • Heading Off Angst.

The mobilization of a universal brain-health movement that includes helmet safety, the dangers of cell-phone use, soldiers’ traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder, and beyond.

  • No Piggy in the Bank.

The employment of creative fundraising tactics for nonprofits and startups as a result of the current economic climate.

  • In-Your-Face Honesty.

Smart bigwigs will self-expose unlawful misconduct, which the media will place on the back burner out of boredom if it all comes out in the first wash.

  • Go Community!

An influx of community niches and hyperlocalization efforts will stampede 2010 with the ever-growing presence of social media tools.

  • The Shadow of the Bomb, Again.

Iran, North Korea and Pakistan will partake in a risky game of poker–with the world anxiously holding their cards.




  • Hands-On Aspirations for Insourcing.

With a multiplicity of information online and so much employment shifting to the service sector, industries and individuals advance making-and-mending skills


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