#businessdevelopment, does agency size matter?

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There one polarising topic I hear amongst in conversations both with Clients and Agencies – and that is agency size.

Small agencies vs big agencies.

Networks vs independents.

Which is best? Best creativity, best account management, best awards (now, seemingly, relegated to the good old days) and which for future-proof performance, stability and longevity?

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#business development ~ Pitching, Pace Recorder app to help you monitor your voice

Pace Recorder app to help you monitor your voice

If you present to clients – this is an App that may help you.

Vocalytics co-founder Benoit Curdy talks here about his new start-up which is to help speakers work on their voice. The Android App, developed by the start-up, is a ‘personal voice trainer’ – allowing users to monitor their intonation (pitch) and speed (slow or fast).

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