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Analysis of initial data on the Times newspaper paywall

News International published Times and Sunday Times newspapers are preparing to go behind a paywall – with readers having to register this month to access content and pay next month.

Hitwise has analysed the latest data which is showing a decline in readers – albeit a small decline – though this even before payment is required.

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#net neutrality, universities can lead the digital charge

Universities can lead the digital charge

Update 10.07.17

It is over a decade since I first wrote about New Neutrality. Then, it was seen a far off Armageddon – something that really couldn’t happen.

How things can change.

Update 06.08.10

Net neutrality talks stall in US

US regulators have halted closed-door meetings intended to find a way to make sure all web data is treated equally. The Federal Communications Commission began the meetings after a court limited its net regulation powers. The FCC faced criticism over the meetings by groups that supported the principle known as net neutrality.

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Our digital world comprises IM, digital cameras, mobiles, blogging, videogames, PVRs and broadband and the penetration of these is continuing to grow despite the overall downturn of the PC, web and service based sectors of our economy. 

This pursuit of ‘digital convergence’ has been burning in the hearts and minds of both end-users and vendors for over 10 years now and mature, highly evolved products and services are starting to reach mainstream market as we speak.

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