#startups, integrating client success into business development in a subscription economy

Integrating client success into business development in a subscription economy

Planning for future success will pay dividends

A dynamic I see around my work has changed. New start-ups are facing an indeterminable future unless they plan within business development (and then client account management) to address the new market space – one where the barriers to exit have never been lower, the scope and spread (and power) of both Procurement and eProcurement and where the rise in ‘self-service’ on-boarding could see the decrease in brand/product loyalty all combining to create a more detached client/business relationship. 

If the business, read billing, relationship is becoming more client-centric, in terms of power, then the focus should be ensuring that the client achieved their achieving goals/success – and should be the ‘why’ for the start-up.

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#startups, using social media, data backed answer

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Using social media, data backed answer

It is interesting to look how startups use social media. Whilst not an in-depth study – nor is the research data validated, there are some interesting take outs. Of the fifty startups across industries analysed, some interesting data was revealed.

The startups averaged USD$4.4m funding, split evenly between B2B and B2C.

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#startups, getting from free to MRR

We got stuck in the all-too-common trap of building a user-base and worrying about revenue later

Use Bit.ly? Of course you do. As I do (amongst others, though, including having run my own dedicated URL to track clicks).

Insights here, entitled “The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Bitly: How a Free Link Shortener Became a Real Business” from Bit.ly CEO Mark Josephson.

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