#startups, how do I create a great culture?

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And how do I create a great culture ... ?

Somethings, when said by an industry peer, it warrants no real further comment.

Jeremy Bullmore responds here to a letter to his column in Campaign Magazine to explain the issue of culture

Culture is a facet of a start-up that cannot be created. It is something that already exists.

So true, when you consider how many start-ups, since 2012, have sought to retrospectively impose a new culture, or attempt to change the culture when evidently it was too late (cf, BBC article on Uber).

Startup culture

I’ve worked on the inside, with enough start-ups to understand that culture emanates from the top – because the top started the entity, and drives it forward based on habit, what has been before, and – there are examples – without due regard to the future.

Source: Campaign Magazine 27.04.12


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