#business development, Managing your people, not the funnel

Stop managing your pipeline and start managing your people

Andrew Adams talks about “… most companies spend[ing] too much time, money and energy on measuring and managing the pipeline rather than managing and improving the quality of leads that go into – and ultimately come out of – the pipeline” – a really valid point.

Having also making the point that “… the pipeline is a vital part of the sales process, it is also where the most fundamental mistake is made” it is always interesting to understand where a business places focus.

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#brand planning, Econometrics, as explained by the IPA

We live in tough times

Marketing budgets are being scrutinised harder than ever. Activity that doesn’t add to the bottom line is increasingly difficult to justify. In this climate, spending on communications can seem like a luxury. So wouldn’t it be easier if there were a way to measure the payback from your marketing communications?

The (an) answer is Econometrics and a paper from the IPA by Louise Cook and Mike Holmes is a really interesting – or required – read for agency planners and clients.

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#startups ~ Getting from free to MRR

We got stuck in the all-too-common trap of building a user-base and worrying about revenue later

Use Bit.ly? Of course you do. As I do (amongst others, though, including having run my own dedicated URL to track clicks).

Insights here, entitled “The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Bitly: How a Free Link Shortener Became a Real Business” from Bit.ly CEO Mark Josephson.

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#Business Development – How important is empathy?

Is empathy an important quality for a Business Development practitioner?

Scott Brothers of Oncam sees empathy as a vital trait. And he uses it within the context his business on a daily basis.

The reason is that it allows you to: 
– take the opportunity to listen
– empathise when listening, hearing day to day challenges

– share this first hand experience internally
– use this ongoing end user collaboration to drive innovation

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#business development, Prospecting using cold emails

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Prospecting using cold emails

If the new business food chain is composed of cold email, no response, follow-up email, no response, failed cold call then what are some tactics that can interrupt this?

Some initial considerations:

Who can we find that is be best decision maker candidate?

Whomever, they will be receiving up to 100 cold email per day so they don’t response

We can’t track if they read the email

The follow-up is then another email or a cold call

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#brand planning ~ Thought leader or thought leadership?

Thought leader or thought leadership?

I read a thought-provoking article on LinkedIn Pulse by Jason Miller (article) asking where a business focus should be: Though Leadership and Thought Leader.

He argues that ” … as marketers we shouldn’t necessarily all be striving to become the next thought leaders … it’s just not scalable or realistic … instead … we should be focused on creating a culture …. harnessing insights from our brightest employees to collectively achieve thought leadership as an organization”

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