#business development ~ Nurturing your black book network

Nurturing your black book network

Years ago, I became aware of an individual – a mid-level executive – who joined or was recruited (dependent on your angle) because of their Black Book contacts. Somehow, someone believed them. The situation that resulted is somewhat obvious. It all fell apart and turned nasty. And for everyone involved.

I, since, have never advised any business to recruit anyone, under any circumstances, based on industry contacts. It simply never works out – for the candidate for the employer in the long run. Maybe it does in the interim – but that is the issue – somebody is being taken advantage of, and to me, that is not acceptable.

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#startups, Integrating client success into business development in a subscription economy

Integrating client success into business development in a subscription economy

Planning for future success will pay dividends

A dynamic I see around my work has changed. New start-ups are facing an indeterminable future unless they plan within business development (and then client account management) to address the new market space – one where the barriers to exit have never been lower, the scope and spread (and power) of both Procurement and eProcurement and where the rise in ‘self-service’ on-boarding could see the decrease in brand/product loyalty all combining to create a more detached client/business relationship. 

If the business, read billing, relationship is becoming more client-centric, in terms of power, then the focus should be ensuring that the client achieved their achieving goals/success – and should be the ‘why’ for the start-up.

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#startups ~ Using social media, data backed answer

Using social media, data backed answer

It is interesting to look how startups use social media. Whilst not an in-depth study – nor is the research data validated, there are some interesting take outs. Of the fifty startups across industries analysed, some interesting data was revealed.

The startups averaged USD$4.4m funding, split evenly between B2B and B2C.

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#business development ~ The Ad Agency of the future is coming

The Ad Agency of the future is coming, are you ready?

The ad agency of the future must “[meet] clients’ needs [which] have changed. They must manage marketing across devices and serve customized ads to specific audiences based on real-time analysis of constantly changing data. That data must inform creative, CRM and media buying strategies tied to new commerce and brand experiences. At the nexus of this confusing and continually evolving mashup of business operations and marketing are clients, who need a partner”

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#business development, Managing your people, not the funnel

Stop managing your pipeline and start managing your people

Andrew Adams talks about “… most companies spend[ing] too much time, money and energy on measuring and managing the pipeline rather than managing and improving the quality of leads that go into – and ultimately come out of – the pipeline” – a really valid point.

Having also making the point that “… the pipeline is a vital part of the sales process, it is also where the most fundamental mistake is made” it is always interesting to understand where a business places focus.

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