#microblogging, the dangers of Twitter

Microblogging, again, an on-screen spat on Twitter (as reported by the BBC) shows the danger that exists for the uninitiated. Microblogging is a powerful communication channel – and one that has to be treated as such.

A political punch-up live on the net between Sally Bercow and person/s unknown.

Read it here in case it’s deleted.

#brand planning, digital lifestyle aggregation

Our digital world comprises IM, digital cameras, mobiles, blogging, videogames, PVRs and broadband and the penetration of these is continuing to grow despite the overall downturn of the PC, web and service based sectors of our economy. 

This pursuit of ‘digital convergence’ has been burning in the hearts and minds of both end-users and vendors for over 10 years now and mature, highly evolved products and services are starting to reach mainstream market as we speak.

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#business development, the Ad Agency of the future is coming

The Ad Agency of the future is coming, are you ready?

The ad agency of the future must “[meet] clients’ needs [which] have changed. They must manage marketing across devices and serve customized ads to specific audiences based on real-time analysis of constantly changing data. That data must inform creative, CRM and media buying strategies tied to new commerce and brand experiences. At the nexus of this confusing and continually evolving mashup of business operations and marketing are clients, who need a partner”

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