#microblogging, be careful what you tweet

Micro-blogging, Be careful what you tweet.

Well, if you want to be taken seriously that is.Research undertaken by Pear Analytics (Twitter Study, August 2009) has concluded that 41% of tweets are ‘pointless babble’.

That said, 1% of the (addicted) users create 35% of the content (Source: Quantcast.com)

So is there is a role for micro-blogging within the context of a social media plan? Well, yes, there is – though it is about creating relevant and engaging content (and interesting comments, opinions, tip-offs) that ensure you are on the TweetDeck

Be it a brand or an individual tweeting, do you want the tweet to be ‘ interesting’ and read or ‘pointless’ and ignored? And when you create pointless content, the second thing you do is damage the reputation of the sender.


Rod Geoghegan works with Marketing Services Agencies, Tech Start-ups and Professional Services Firms to plan and deliver growth.

He is Founding Partner at Metropolis Partners

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