#brand planning, #mashups and the merging of data seamlessly

#mashups and the merging of data seamlessly

This is old, I admit, but it illustrates a seamless mashup. It is a little Miss Elliot and a lot Joy Division.

And brilliant too.

[flv:http://typednotes.com/library/flv/mashup.flv 694 463]

Why me worry?

I’m reminded of one of my favourite comics of old, and I wonder why I didn’t nurture my then collection.


Driving in Singapore?

The potential for mashups – or, to put it another way – bringing various data streams into one platform is shown here where the Google map of Singapore is overlaid with parking lots – and each is shown with opening times and parking fees. Overlay this again with live capacity and Streetview or sat nav data and you have a powerful resource.


Tim Hibbard

Tim wore a GPRS receiver for a few years following his movements on a live basis. Sadly this feed is not live – but you his blog entry demonstrates the technology.


Google then entered the fray with Streetview. The inception of the technology threw up some issues, going by the headline of the Drudg Report on 1 June 2007:



The final example mashes Twitter and Google Maps – creating Twittervision. Unique and somewhat mesmerising, you can view the worlds 140 character conversations. I love it.


Finally, from a few years ago but still relevant, a paper by Pamela Fox of Google:

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