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Ten years ago, these were the skills of the future

Management – Be there a new world order or not, and I’m undecided whether if it’s all just a natural progression, albeit at an exponential rate, the 10 Workplace Skills of the Future or the skills workers should strive to have and the skills employers should seek out and promote – as written up by the Institute For The Future.

Is this an antidote to the Gen X/Gen Y divide?

The skills are:

Ping Quotient

Excellent responsiveness to other people’s requests for engagement; strong propensity and ability to reach out to others in a network


Seeing a much bigger picture; thinking in terms of higher level systems, bigger networks, longer cycles

Open Authorship

Creating content for public modification; the ability to work with massively multiple contributors

Cooperation Radar

The ability to sense, almost intuitively, who would make the best collaborators on a particular task or mission


Fluency in working and trading simultaneously with different hybrid capitals, e.g., natural, intellectual, social, financial, virtual


The ability to do real-time work in very large groups; a talent for coordinating with many people simultaneously; extreme-scale collaboration


Fearless innovation in rapid, iterative cycles; the ability to lower the costs and increase the speed of failure


Knowing how to be persuasive and tell compelling stories in multiple social media spaces (each space requires a different persuasive strategy and technique)

Signal/Noise Management

Filtering meaningful info, patterns, and commonalities from the massively-multiple streams of data and advice


The ability to prepare for and handle surprising results and complexity that come with coordination, cooperation and collaboration on extreme scales


Since these skills were first identified, a new set has been



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