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We could all now have an individual licence plate, no need to worry about privacy then

Where will this lead to? A new piece of tech has been approved for use in of Michigan – basically instead of a plastic number plate (or metal license plate abroad), it is replaced with a backlit HD display.


Build in LTE connectivity will add another layer to vehicle monitoring – from geo-fencing to GPS location tracking.

Whilst it is being marketed in the US a way to avoid to having to stick the new annual decal for registration renewals – and let’s admit it – this is an arduous task, the HD screen enables messages in the doughnut space sorrounding the licence alpha numeric.

Add in the mandatory app to operate the device and you have all you need.

What has been missed is that a roll out of this tech, across a country – would enable the state to mandate individual licence plate numbers for all drivers, so when you sit in your car, a rental, a friend, a family shared car, a government vehicle – any vehicle, your personal identification is on the back and front.

No need to worry about privacy then.

Technology is from Reviver.

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