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Pitch Perfect and the Elevator Pitch

I’ve never bought into the elevator pitch.

We don’t have elevators in the UK, we’ve got lifts. And we stare at our Starbucks coffee or the ground – lest we make accidental eye contact. And, most importantly, if you’ve got just a minute talk, then I’ll talk about the weather and leave matters of state be discussed in a more appropriate fashion.

So when I read the Forbes article by @joshmuccio on the 5 steps to a perfect pitch, I took a deep breath.

And here goes:

1. Narrow down your idea to one sentence
2. Ask the question
3. Shut up and listen
4. Features belong in your product, not your pitch
5. Get confident

These pointers may help when you’re trying to splurt out something about what you do though I think there are significantly more engaging ways to communicate at the first point of contact. These include one ability we seem to be losing – that is just listening to understand and not to reply.

From this, you can talk not from a script but from yourself.

The article is here.


And I’m not alone.

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