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What do we do, help, I’m lost

It can happen, and it does. This from my LinkedIn feed, a question from a connection: what do we do – or what do you think we do. And the only reference point is the name of the company.

However the name is generic and provides no direction.

amazon desperate retail retention
I’m lost

Explaining capabilities, experience and value can be mastered and articulated using a narrative that is engaging, appropriate and powerful. I don’t subscribe to the theory of the elevator pitch, never have, because I think it is flawed.

This does not mean that that an entrepreneur, start-up or agency is excused from planning and developing the messages that provide the focus and points of interest, that develop conversations leading to positioning and differentiation.

It’s a busy world out there, as some else said, and achieving cut-through is progressively becoming more difficult.

And sometimes we present the ordinary.

Focusing on business ambitions – target financials – is the starting point as this provides the clarity of what to say to whom. And the simple calculation of what you need to do to achieve the target financials brings this full circle to the the framing of the question, which would better posed as what would you like us to do for you and your organisation?

Pause for thought.

Rod Geoghegan works with Marketing Services Agencies, Tech Start-ups and Professional Services Firms to plan and deliver growth.

He is Founding Partner at Metropolis Partners

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