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Bright future for agencies, just not as we know them today

I’m always interesting in (and share relevant) articles on the nature and make-up of the agency of the future. Cited in this article is what marketers seek from agencies and in summary:

  • Create brand value
  • Build relationships and protecting against disintermediation [read slimming down the vertical]
  • Institute and run marketing campaigns across fragmented channels and devices
  • Deliver accountable and efficient marketing
  • Pilot NPD

Asked is “… what does the agency of the future look like? … to meet the long-term needs of marketers … through the harnessing of technology and data [and] … will be smaller and leaner … be open and partner with media, technologies and customers [to] predict outcomes and valuations above buying”

I too believe that the agency of the future will, and I again quote “consult and orchestrate … [and] … be different”. However, I do see a future for agencies per se, albeit having further developed both their own disciplines and financial models –  and will, not shouldn’t  “be called an agency”

This is the article by Rob Fenton Managing Director, UK at fifty-five is well worth reading.


Rod Geoghegan works with Marketing Services Agencies, Tech Start-ups and Professional Services Firms to plan and deliver growth.

He is Founding Partner at Metropolis Partners

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