#esoteric, shocking importance of checking your content

A shocking example of the importance of checking your content

Twitter is home to a vast number of accounts that are set up anonymously, with the intent to build a large, loyal following to then sell on the account. I’ve may have been just been followed by one of these such accounts – positioned as being by a Social media expert.

And one that only wants to be followed by others directly in this area – so trying to gain maximum Klout/Kred/PeerIndex scoring. The account links to Rebel Mouse – a Twylah type Twitter/Microblogging visual aggregation platform. This account is in build – so at this stage it is all about acquisition:   So I had a look at the Rebel Mouse page:     So far, so good. Then I scrolled down to look at the rest of the content:

Here is an example of how not to ‘do’ Social Media. I’ve tried to blur out the account name – as I think this is only fair in the circumstances.

Oh, and I did DM the account – though no reply.


Rod Geoghegan works with Marketing Services Agencies, Tech Start-ups and Professional Services Firms to plan and deliver growth.

He is Founding Partner at Metropolis Partners

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