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Pitch Perfect and the Elevator Pitch

I’ve never bought into the elevator pitch.

We don’t have elevators in the UK, we’ve got lifts. And we stare at our Starbucks coffee or the ground – lest we make accidental eye contact. And, most importantly, if you’ve got just a minute talk, then I’ll talk about the weather and leave matters of state be discussed in a more appropriate fashion.

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Future of your Gmail login?

This presentation has been written on OpenID to explain the origins and the technicalities. Think one username and one password for all your online website logins – which provides you with complete security and peace of mind. There are going to be pros and cons to OpenID.

Take up is one – will Hotmail, Gmail and you bank accept it? And well, one OpenID for each of your worlds … I’m sure this will be seen as an issue with users – whom want different avatars for each of their own ‘online personalities’.

There are benefits – managing (monitoring) the online world for minors.