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#media, Johnson Press A/B testing the consumer wallet

Media, Johnson Press today announced an A/B testing approach to different revenue paths for local media titles.

Local news websites are being tested to ascertain the price elasticity on news stories. The titles in the test are Northumberland Gazette, the Whitby Gazette, the Worksop Guardian, the Ripley & Heanor News and the Southern Reporter and the Carrick Gazette (based in Scotland). Three of the titles are removing nearly all media local coverage on their website – instead encouraging consumers to go out and buy the newspaper.

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#advertising, Colgate £169.99 #brushswap campaign, overwhelmed by demand

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5am commuters snap up the 150 allocated brushes

The Colgate #brushswap campaign has hit the social media headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The offer to swap your electric toothbrush for a new Colgate ProClinical A1500 toothbrush retailing at £169.99. This caused National Rail to suspend the campaign on Health and Safety grounds – at both Waterloo London station and Victoria London Station as consumers arrived from 5am to collect one of the, now known, 150 units that were only allocated per day.

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